Niger Republic’s Military Expels German Ambassador


The Niger Republic coupist have reportedly given the ambassador of Germany 48-hours to exit the crisis ridden country.

According to the foreign ministry, the country asked Germany to leave due to “the refusal of the German ambassador in Niamey to respond to an invitation” from the ministry for a meeting Friday and “other actions of the German government contrary to the interests of Niger”.

The coup leaders asked Itte to leave their country after the ambassador “refused to respond to an invitation” for a Friday meeting.

The military rulers accuse France of wanting to use military force to reinstate the democratically elected President, Mohamed Bazoum and claim that the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is under French influence.

France currently has about 1,500 troops in Niger to help combat jihadist groups affecting the country and the broader Sahel region.

Recall that ECOWAS had threatened to invade the country if military coup leaders failed to return authority in the country to Bazoum who is currently being detained.


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