BREAKING: Spain World Cup Squad Refuses To Play Until FA Chief Luis Rubiales Is Sacked For Kissing Hermoso


SPAIN’s World Cup squad have demanded disgraced Spanish FA chief Luis Rubiales to be sacked after kissing one of the team’s star player.

Jenni Hermoso is one of the 81 footballers refusing to play any further international matches until “the federation leadership is removed” from his post.

Spain's women's national team demand FA chief Luis Rubiales to be sacked

The FA boss kissed Spain star Jenni Hermoso after their World Cup win

It comes after Rubiales refused to resign after kissing forward Hermoso following Spain’s Women’s World Cup final win over England.

Fifa opened a disciplinary proceeding into the matter yesterday.

Rubiales was also criticised for grabbing his crotch as he celebrated La Roja’s historic victory at the final whistle.

Despite reporters being briefed that he would be announcing his resignation at a press conference today, Rubiales has made a stunning U-turn.

However, the aftermath of his press conference has seen Spain striker Borja Iglesias QUIT the men’s national team out of protest.

Rubiales had been widely expected to resign at an extraordinary general assembly called by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), but instead said “I don’t deserve this manhunt”.

He added: “It was a spontaneous kiss. Mutual, euphoric and consensual. That’s the key. A consensual ‘peck’ is enough to get me out of here?”

But a statement released by players’ union Futpro included quotes from Jenni Hermoso, who said: “I want to clarify, that at no time did I consent to the kiss.


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