MACA Presents Good Governance Awards To Public Office Holders In Nigeria


A Consultancy Center for Leadership operating under the name, MARKOLIMA Consultancy Academy (MACA) has concluded plans to present the maiden edition of Nigerian Good Governance Awards to Public office holders in Nigeria .

Category of public office holders targeted to be awarded include:
Senators and
House of Representative Members.

The best performing governors award category will look at the impact of government policies on security, education, healthcare and social welfare, infrastructure development, youth and women empowerment amongst others.

That of Ministers will Xray the implementation of government programmes , policies , and initiatives by the ministers in their respective ministries .

While the category of the National Assembly members will focus on impacts on their constituencies in the area of constituency projects , number of bills and motions on the floor and empowerment schemes by the legislatures .

The Awardees shall be selected through Research, Practical Analysis and Online Voting which shall be televised live on Channels, AIT, TVC and other media platforms and the first round of voting, research and analysis of the nominees stewardship shall commence on 1st November , 2023.

MACA is a Consultancy Center for leadership development ( Consultancy Academy) with office located in Abuja, Nigeria and fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC ) with board of directors.that seeks to partner with government agencies and institutions to:

1. To promote an accountable and transparent governance system.

2. To train and facilitate citizens’ participation in the decision-making process.

3. To facilitate an improved and effectively free, fair, and transparent electoral process.

4. To improve the organizational structure and capacity of the Good Governance Awareness Initiative (GGAI).

5. To encourage and reward public office holders who have used their positions and offices to deliver democracy dividends and have impacted positively on the society .

For more information, visit or, email:, Twitter: @nigeria_award or Instagram: nigeriagoodgovernance,
You can also call: 0706-691-5880 or 0813-490-4238.

Isaac Mtom

Executive Director


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