Wike To Akpabio: “I Will Frustrate You”

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has threatened to frustrate the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Godswill Akpabio over comments against South-South Governors.
Mr. Wike on live television on Friday said Akpabio is not qualified to tell Niger Deltans to ask the south-South governors what they do with funds.
He also threatened that the minister will be taught a lesson if he does not focus on his state, Akwa-Ibom, saying he will increase Mr. Akpabio’s high blood pressure.
“You will never sleep again, I know you used to have high blood pressure, but I will add [something] small to it now. He is no longer taking his blood pressure medicine, I will give you your blood pressure, and you will take it because you can now abuse governors. Don’t near me, because I will frustrate you,” Mr. Wike said furiously.
The governor, however, said a video of Mr. Akpabio will be shown to the public where the minister urged the president to learn from what he (Akpabio) was doing in Akwa-Ibom.
“If he does it again, he will regret talking about Rivers State”, he added.
“Akpabio be careful!!! We know what Akpabio was doing when he was a governor. Now he has the immunity to insult South-South governors, we will meet one day.”
“If his people loved him so much, why did he lose senate elections, ordinary senate elections? Now you will come and talk to us.
“When you were begging governors to come and beg on your behalf, you didn’t know how they were fighting you. Now you are abusing us. I will abuse you back at the appropriate time. Today is an introduction.
“This is why Nigeria can not move forward because everyone is running away. When they say EFCC wants to come, you will run to the other party, let them protect you. The government they say is fighting corruption,” Mr. Wike said.


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