Why Tinubu Is Courting The North, By Chuks Madueke 

According to the Jagaban Borgu, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the choice of Kano State for his recent colloquium was to prove that the “Yorubas and Fulanis” were one.
The former governor last week celebrated his 69th birthday anniversary in Kano with the president, Muhammadu Buhari joining the party virtually.
Yet, could this assertion of “unity” between the Yorubas and the Fulanis be another fallacy or the desperate expression of a politician who could espouse and hug any rhetoric just to have his way?
The former governor had contributed immensely to the emergence of the Buhari administration in 2015. Consequently, 2023 is allegedly looked at as the election year for the north to reciprocate in crowning him with the presidency.
Well, one is not in position to comment on the APC leader’s statement more than the Yorubas or the Fulanis who ordinarily should be able to tell us respectively, and in retrospect, more about their historical or political “oneness”.
However, one thing that is certain is that Jagaban has once again made his usual political statement by simulating this time, how much “unity” existed between the two races even if there was none.
Considering the alleged population of Lagos State and Kano State respectively, one then appreciates Jagaban’s political savvy to bandy such political sentiments in order to excel during the imminent national elections in 2023 where he is said to have interest to run for the presidency.
Presidential elections have always been influenced in the past by how much votes contestants garnered from the two respective states, which are reputedly densely populated.
Perhaps Tinubu could be camouflaging his real motives for choosing Kano for his colloquium and making such sensitive political statement there. Isn’t the population of Kano State exposing his interest in the state?
Yet, to a large extent, the statement aptly defines the politics of the former governor who has in recent times avoided controversial political statements and commentaries.
It is on record that he has been retracting and apologising whenever he made any of such controversial political statements.
For the self-acclaimed “democract” whose ambition to succeed Muhammadu Buhari is gradually gathering momentum, caution and restraint have become a passionate watchword.
Furthermore, with his vast resources and political connections, the Jagaban could be calculating that he only needs the southwest and the north to win the 2023 presidential election. How much confidence is he really exuding over such calculation? Time will tell.
Yet, his rhetorical assertion extolling the “oneness” of Yorubas and the Fulanis is left for everyone to determine because apart from having political insight, recent events also, arguably questions such.
Although countries pray for the unity of her component nations, the truth remains that Nigeria is currently in search of her soul in terms of peace, unity, leadership and progress.
Consequently, the Jagaban therefore could be needing more than such sentimental rhetoric to make an impact in the coming 2023 presidential elections.
But who knows what political statements he has in store for other regions?
With obvious compelling factors and forces, no doubt, the existing intrigues within and outside APC could change the political equation and dynamics come 2023.


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