Why I Killed My Lecturer Employer – Suspect


Chima Anolue, a lecturer at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, got more than he bargained for when he got into an argument with his domestic worker on Friday night.

The deceased, who lectured at Psychology Department, Faculty of Social Sciences of the institution, had reportedly scolded his killer for letting the rice he was cooking get burnt, unknown to him that the incident would lead to his untimely end.

Angered by the disrespectful attitude of his employee, Anolue was said to have slapped the domestic worker, who in turn engaged him in a fight.

The suspect, who initially denied killing his master, confessed to the crime after he was tortured by local vigilante guards.

“In the process, he slapped me. But I told him I usually have ear problems, and that people don’t slap me. As I was saying that, he angrily asked if I was still talking while he was talking. And therefore, he slapped me again and brought out Cain and started flogging me all over.



“Then in the process, I got angry, and we started fighting. It was also in the process of that fight that I picked up the pestle in the kitchen and hit him on the head.”

The suspect was taken to a hospital where Anolue was rushed to after the attack.

With his hands tied behind his back, he stood in front of the lifeless body of his employer which was on a hospital bed.

Anolue’s head was seen wrapped with bandage, an indication that he bled heavily while fighting for his life.

The suspect was later taken away to where the guards threatened him.

A man pointed a riffle towards him and threatened to pull the trigger, to which he cried, “Daddy, please, don’t kill me.”

… However, I advise those living never on any circumstance to house an Abakiliki person in your house. That is suicidal!!!”

Okonkwo Eliyah Ogomeghunam: “A very cool and calm guy.what a very sad loss.may his soul rest in peace.”

Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie: “I read that story and was shocked. How the houseboy assaulted him with a knife after he lay unconscious from the pestle battering, then attempted to strangle him in the car because he noticed he was still breathing. I don’t even know what to think, this is sickening.”


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