Audio: Why I Harvested My ex-Girlfriend’s Intestine – Man Confesses


Over the weekend, men of the Ondo state police command arrested a 45-year-old football coach, Bankole Oginni for killing his ex-girlfriend in his room in Akure, the state capital. 

The deceased was found in the suspect’s room with her legs and hands tied, her body dissected, and her intestines removed with patches on her body that showed signs of hot water burns.

In a viral video, the suspect while confessing to the crime, said the deceased called him and asked for financial assistance as she normally does and that on the fateful day, he invited her over to his father’s house.

He said he offered her soft drink and that she had not even taken it when she slumped. He said he was so scared, that he decided to pour hot water on her body with the hope that it will revive her. He said he also tied her up, dissected her body and harvested her intestine because he was “scared.”



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