Video: How The Son Of A US-Based Nigerian Taxi Driver Nosa Became An Airport Concessionaire In The US


A Nigerian whose father was a taxi driver in the United States, Nosa has described his grass to grace fortune in the United States as that of hard work and determination

Nosa, whose company has been awarded the concession contract top manage of the the busiest airport in the world, located in Chicago and where his very own father once drove as a Taxi driver said that his father told him him to work hard because one day, he would reap from the effort of his hard work

Bowa Construction is a certified construction company in the United States and is building its future in the city of Chicago.

“This is exciting. Really is. You know, when you think about the city, When you think about the sacrifices my parents. Driving a Taxi to put food on the table. Yes, my dad picked up passengers from this airport to make sure we ate”

“My father always told me, ‘be disciplined, work hard and good things will happen”

Nosa also narrated what the project represent. “This project represent a long journey as I mentioned, It represent as I mention, equity, inclusion, diversity and change.”




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