Two encounters with SARS! By Emeka Oparah

Emeka Oparah
On May 20, 2011, on my way home (in Onike, Yaba) just by An Barracks by Queen’s College, I was stuck in traffic. Just before I got to the traffic control post opposite the barracks, two motorbikes made a U-turn in front of me, each with two passengers-boys. Instinctively, I sensed danger. I quickly arranged myself, put my weapon in my pants and unstrapped my seatbelt. I was sure those boys were robbers.
In a flash, there was a commotion ahead of me. People started fleeing. I saw two boys running towards me and pointing their pistols at me. I disengaged the gear and put on the handbrakes. I wanted to fight, but one mind told me not to. I was trained to kill the moment I pulled a weapon or get killed. I looked to my left and saw the sentry at the barracks sitting quietly and holding his AK-47. I was assured.
The boys got to me sharply and from both sides asked me to come down. I obeyed, hoping the soldier would react. He didn’t. I came down and the one on my side jumped into my car and zoomed off! The other one run after him, opened the passenger door jumped in and they took off! They had taken my car!!!
I stood there briefly, confused. The soldier was moping at me like he was part of the robbery. It’s possible. Then, I flagged down an Okada, hopped on and asked them to move. We chased after the theieves. I watched the motherfuckers doing James Bond with my 18-months-old Mercedes Benz E-240! Then, they disappeared into the night. I went home.
I got home and announced my car has been snatched! Chai! I went to the Sabo Police Station to report. Then, I went home. Sad.
The Security Department and Network Departments in Airtel Nigeria, my employers, got on to it. Because I deliberately left my phone in the car, we were able to monitor the car. We saw the car move from Yaba to Lagos Island to Lekki to Mushin.
The Lagos State Police radioed all their units and the robbers were monitored through the night until the phone “died” and went off the network! I learnt the robbers encountered the police at Apognon and had a shoot-out. They escaped and vanished.
The next morning, I went to GRA to the SARS office to see the then O/C SARS, Abba Kyari.
That was the beginning of a good relationship with SARS and the Nigerian Police.
To be continued.


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