Tupac Shakur’s Mum Dies At 69


The tragic story was announced this morning that mother of the late legendary rapper, Afeni Shakur died last night of what is perceived to be as a result of cardiac arrest

Afeni Shakur whose original name was Alice Faye Williams   renamed herself on getting to New York and was a protester with the black panthers movement. They fought for equal rights of the people of USA and the black Americans especially and was arrested when it was suggested that she and other members of the movement were planning to blow up some designated places in the us.

She was released from prison a month before she gave birth to the legendary iconic rapper, Tupac Shakur among his large amount tracks, he dedicated  a track titled “Dear Mama”  where he made some heart-touching line of words saying…“there’s no way I can pay you back,but my plan is to show you that I understand. You’re appreciated…” there in the track, he highlighted the struggles and situations around his upbringing as black child in America.

It was said that Tupac’s mum has been involved in legal battle with the step-father of her son after been released having spent over a decade as she filed for a divorce. She is also said to have been the overseer of Tupac’s estate, producer of the film shot on the life and times of Tupac,”All Eyez on Me”. She kept the legacy of her son’s times while alive till her death.


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