Troops Kill Notorious Bandit Warlords


Troops of the Nigerian Military have eliminated two notorious bandit leaders behind the coordination of movement and exchange of kidnapped victims within camps in the Zamfara/Katsina axis.

The bandit leaders, Baldo, and Baban Yara, along with their foot soldiers, were killed on Saturday in a deadly military operation by the troops along the Zamfara/Katsina axis.

The development was confirmed to PR Nigeria by a defence intelligence source.

“Our troops engaged the terrorists at Aliero West axis and succeeded in killing the two bandit kingpins and 28 of their foot soldiers. Lately, our troops have intensified their aggressive operation in the North West and are pounding terrorists heavily.

“We want to rid the region of criminal elements so that farmers can carry out their agricultural activities without delay,” said a military intelligence operative.

Speaking further, a local source embedded with the troops as a security volunteer confirmed that the operation was successful and the troops killed all of the criminals.

The source added that if the troops can sustain the momentum, farmers would be able to return to their farms.

“The military worked on the intelligence in ambushing and eliminating the warlords and their followers mostly riding on motorcycles.

“If this operation is sustained, our farmers will surely return to the farms while, hopefully, we will have a peaceful Ramadan period of fasting, which is just around the corner,” the source said.


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