Tragedy As Woman Murders Husband In Same Family A Cheating Wife Killed Her Husband


It was a tragic moment again when a woman by the name Mrs Umumat killed her spouse in the same family a wife stabbed to death her husband a few days ago

Mrs Umumat, who is fondly called Öna’Okpella, it was reported on Saturday, November, 20th, 2021, allegedly killed her husband in a fight at their residence in Jattu-Uzairue, Edo State.

The deceased who was known as Mallam Nasiru was said to have been murdered by his 2nd wife who claimed she and her kids were not provided food hence the squabble that led to the unfortunate incident.

Moshud the second son of the deceased explained that in an attempt to escape the woman’s trouble, his father slipped and hit his head against the wall. He reported that the woman did not stop there as she attacked him and continued hitting his head against the floor.

Öna’Okpella when interrogated revealed that the husband refused to give her food the day before the incident. She stated that seeing him with Zuwerat (the first wife) laying outside the house infuriated her.

This is coming a few days after the younger brother of the deceased was reportedly murdered by a suspected cheating wife who was caught in the act.

Mrs Umumat was apprehended by members of the Vigilante Squad and handed over to the police.


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