“Time To Stand Up For Our Queen” – Piers Morgan Urges Britons


Piers Morgan has told British people that it’s time to “stand up for their Queen” as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on a “deliberate & malicious campaign” to “smear, defame and trash Britain & the Royal Family”.

The media personality, who makes no secret his dislike for Meghan Markle, made this statement via Instagram.

Sharing a photo of Queen Elizabeth, he wrote:

There’s a very deliberate & malicious campaign being perpetrated by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to smear, defame and trash Britain, our Monarchy & the Royal Family as a bunch of heartless racists.
It’s disgusting.
Time to stand up for our Queen.


"Time to stand up for our Queen" Piers Morgan urges Britons as he says Prince Harry and Meghan are on a "deliberate & malicious campaign" to "smear, defame and trash Britain"


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