The Consequences Of Delay, By Moses Idowu

“Don’t get ready, live ready; if you have to get ready then you’re already late.”
– Smith Wigglesworth
I pray that this Conflict does not lead to war. In a situation like this though it is better to pray for the best but plan for the worst because even God does not strive with human spirit. If man wants war and is bent on war, then God will step aside and let him have that which he wished.
However if war breaks out today I pity the Yorubas, especially those Yoruba’s presently in Ogun State. If any state falls to the Fulani herders or invaders in the Southwest it is most likely going to be Ogun State. Mark my words.
Because of lack of will, moral irresolution and delay, playing politics with the lives of their own people. They’re trying to be in the good books of Abuja playing double game when a practical action is what is required.
When the Southwest states Assembly passed the Law for the setting up of Amotekun only three States took this Law to its logical conclusion by setting up the Security Network. These are On do, Oyo and Ekiti. Now you wonder what the rest were doing. Lagos is even understandable because it has no land that Fulani herders could encroach. But what of Osun and Ogun State?
Why the delay?
Perhaps they want to please Abuja and at the same time trying to still belong to the Yoruba. But as you all know, those who sit on the fence stand the risk of being crushed from either side. That is what has now happened for Ogun State at least. Their citizens are being killed almost daily by rampaging herdsmen who are being driven away from Oyo. Just today the news reported the killing of another two citizens in Ketu- Ijon axis of Yewa Local Government Area. Many have abandoned their farms and even their communities.
What does the State have to answer in the face of this existential threat? Nothing. Except to appeal to Federal Government and the same Abuja- controlled Police and Army. It has no Amotekun because when the other states were setting up their own she decided to sit on the fence in their historical characteristics fashion of pleasing Abuja and trying to be the “good boy”.
Now it has backfired.
Abuja is not there to help. In point of fact soldiers, we are told, are accompanying herdsmen to villages to deal with Ogun citizens in their own land.
It is now the State Government is calling for recruitment for Amotekun and buying patrol vehicles and motorcycles – after they have been surrounded and encircled.
This is the cost of delay and consequences of delay in a good thing. This is the price of indecision and fence- sitting.
I repeat, if there is war today the only state that is vulnerable to fall is Ogun State. When a people feel they are too wise than others it sometimes backfires.
Now Ogun State has put itself and its citizens in a major and double jeopardy – a defeat without war. Because there is nothing on ground to resist the invasion or incursion of the Fulani herders either from contiguous states or even from outside the country. And this situation will get worse because they failed to do what they should have done at the appropriate time.
Osun is not exactly in a similar situation. Although they too are yet to mobilize the Amotekun there are enough warriors in Osun to face any challenge even from the Army, if necessary. The Ife – Modakeke axis have enough warriors that are battle – hardened and tested warriors and fighters; so are the Ijeshas. These can take on any invading force or power without even any support from a state government. Same with Ondos and Oyo.
Ogun is the least prepared for this Conflict and will suffer the most because it failed to live ready. Now she is trying to get ready by calling for recruitment. That’s trying to lock the stable door after the horses have bolted.
Sorry, it is late.
© Moses Oludele Idowu
February 12, 2021


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