Sunday Igboho’s Challenge And The Dilemma Of Yoruba Race, By David Adenekan

There is no doubt that to a large extent the Yoruba nation is still a primordial society and as a result our intellectual capacity or crude knowledge may be under the influence and control of traditions, values and moral standards. It is almost impossible to meet the yearnings and aspirations of Yoruba people without the support of the traditional institutions. This is because the traditional leaders largely get their loyalties and obeisance from their subject. The order of authority flow from the king, baale or chief to the head of a clan and from the head of a clan to the head of the family and from the head of the family to every member of the family. Though, Yoruba nation is a near cosmopolitan society and the power of traditional rulers had long been decimated by the political class. However, the primordial power of traditional rulers in Yoruba land cannot be overemphasized.
The fundamental question, is that, how do we balance a primordial power with the conceptual right to self preservation? The fact, is that, the right to self preservation is the first law of nature. What is the best option when there is a friction between a primordial power and the essential right to self preservation as declared by United Nations charter for human rights of 1948? Is Chief Sunday Adeyemo (aka Igboho Oosa) within the limit of the law to fight for the survival of Yoruba race and disregard a primordial power or constituted authority that may want to suffocate and truncate his heroic efforts to liberate his people from the hands of terrorists herdsmen/marauders who are desperate to take over our ancestral lands?
Moreover, there is always historical and perception issues anytime there is a leadership crisis. Oduduwa the cradle of Yoruba race never get the support of all the people to ascend the throne but still led the Yoruba people to defeat the militia and bring lasting peace to the land. Though, Oduduwa was the paramount king but history had it that there was a leadership struggle between Oduduwa and Obatala (a powerful diety in Yoruba land). Also, many Yoruba speaking people still believe they are not the descendant of Oduduwa. A case study of the people of Olu Ugbo in Ondo state who believe they are the true aborigines of Yoruba land and Oduduwa met them in Ile Ife when he arrived. Also, the people of Ijebu ode believe they migrated from Wadai and they are not a direct descendant of Oduduwa.
Another historical dilemma is the case of our legendary leader, Chief Obafemi Jeremiah Awolowo. He was in a power tussle with the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Adeniran Adeyemi II (a primordial power) and he was eventually banished from the throne and was in exile till he joined his ancestors. Chief Obafemi Awolowo was not generally accepted as a natural leader of Yoruba race until all the Yoruba members of NCNC in the defunct western region parliament decamped to Action Group (AG) when they suddenly realized the inherent danger of allowing a non Yoruba man to be the premier of western region.
Also, in 1993 Chief Moshood Abiola was also betrayed by primordial power and the so called political class during the annulment of June 12 election. Did Chief Olusegun Mathew Okanlawon Obasanjo (former President) not say that “Abiola is not the messiah? Also, did some of the political gladiators in Yoruba land not jettison the struggle for the enthronement of democracy and joined the Abacha military regime without apology?
In addition, did Tinubu and his cabal not betray Chief Abraham Adesanya of blessed memory and decimate the power and influence of Pan Afenifere Yoruba social cultural group?
Is it not politically correct to say the emergence of Chief Sunday Adeyemo (aka Igboho Oosa) and the so called dangerous opposition is in Yoruba DNA? “Afi ote ati iwa odale yi na ni sa”. This is interpreted as deceit, betrayal, back biting, dishonesty, unhealthy competition and complicity are some of the bad attributes we found among the Yoruba race. Hmmmm, “Yoruba Ronu” as postulated by Chief Hubert Ogunde of blessed memory. What a Yoruba historical antecedent and dilemma!
The question is, will Chief Sunday Adeyemo (aka Igboho Oosa) surrender to a primordial power or constituted authority at the detriment of the survival of Yoruba race? The battle now is between life and death. It is also a battle between class interest and the survival of Yoruba race.
Prejudice apart, since the inception of Buhari administration in 2015, the marauders posing as fulani herdsmen had long been on a greater and violent rampage that have claimed thousands of lives, maimed many people, raped thousands of women, pillaged and destroyed many villages with impunity; and the fruitless effort to resolve it by the traditional rulers and political class in Yoruba land was to jaw jaw and come up with cosmetic resolution that will never be implemented. This is apart from the formation of a toothless south west security outfit called “AMOTEKUN”. The question is, If not a toothless security outfit, how do you confront a terrorist that has a more sophisticated weapon, AK 47 with a dane gun (Ibon ode)?
It was only former governor of Ekiti state, Chief Ayodele Fayose that made some practical efforts to flush out criminally minded herdsmen from Ekiti state. The other governors in Yoruba land are just making empty threats with no practical action to nip it in the bud.
Suffice to say that Chief Sunday Adeyemo (Igboho Oosa) is the moment of history and it will be counter productive for a primordial power to usurp a people’s movement that will stand a test of time.
Yes, Chief Sunday Adeyemo ( aka Igboho Oosa) may not be as educated so as to refine and fine tune his public speaking but he is today the symbol for the emancipation of Yoruba race from fulani’s domination and perpetual slavery. There are thousands of Sunday Igboho in Yoruba land but the God of our ancestors will only use who is available and also teachable. God asked Moses at the brink of crossing the red sea when his people were facing imminent danger from behind. What do you have in your hands? Moses said, a rod. God said, use it to divide the red sea into two and it will create a dry land in the middle of the red sea for my people to walk on a dry land to safety and let the Egyptian army be drowned in the red sea. This metaphor is the today’s reality of Yoruba fight against the Fulani Herdsmen/Marauders that have turned our ancestral lands to a den of horror.
Chief Sunday Adeyemo (aka Igboho Oosa) is what we have now to take us to the promised land. He is available and teachable. Yes, out of his uncontrollable mpulse, he angrily insulted Ooni Orisa, His royal majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi and many Yoruba people frowned at the insult. However, in less than 48 hours, he immediately tendered an unreserved apology to our royal majesty, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi on YouTube. Yes, his knowledge may be crude but he is teachable and ready to accept responsibility for his mistakes and also make correction.
In light of the above fact, we must not allow the friction between primordial power and right to self preservation to change the narrative.
In summary, the fight for the emancipation of Yoruba nation from the so called marauders that are posing as herdsmen is a fight for all Yoruba people and the bitter truth today, is that, Chief Sunday Adeyemo (aka Igboho Oosa) is currently the historic symbol of the struggle for the freedom of Yoruba nation from the strangulation and subjugation in a contraption called Nigeria. Every legitimate Yoruba sons and daughters must rally behind him to make this a lasting victory.
Lastly, Chief Sunday Adeyemo (aka Igboho Oosa) is a natural leader and history beckons on many like him to lead the Yoruba nation out of this precarious situation to the promised land.
Oodua nation is loading……
only time will tell.
Odua agbe wa o.
David Adenekan writes from Chicago, Illinois.


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