Sugar Daddy Extraordinaire: Mr. Macaroni, A Gifted Comedian And Actor Who Knows His Way Around Women, By Sylvester Asoya

Debo Adebayo is his real name.
At face value, Mr. Macaroni is every inch a gentleman with good breeding and carriage. But once on stage or set, he is the scariest male actor in the interesting world of adventures and women. He ingeniously torments and intimidates actresses with his phantom promises and Greek gifts. This dude is regarded in many quarters as that wickedly talented comedian who says and does all the right things anytime he wants a lady’s attention and love. Usually, he brings to light, the most important and well known qualities of a chronic womanizer, a role he acts well and convincingly too.
This guy actually came to the limelight with his hilarious and highly entertaining instagram comedy videos that grab and keep the viewers attention. For many, Adebayo is the real deal and his performance proves so to those who follow his activities and never-ending escapades and love stories.
The comedian who attended Redeemer’s University, Ede, Osun State is also an influencer and multiple award winner. In 2020, he received two important awards from relevant stakeholders in the industry for his hard work and ingenuity. The awards are The Future Awards Africa Prize for Content Creation and City People Music Award for Comedy Act of the Year.
Surprisingly, Adebayo’s growing popularity and relevance now appear to rest on his activism and generosity, two things that came long after comedy. In February, the comedian was arrested alongside other young protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate by officers of the Nigeria Police in Lagos for demanding an end to police brutality. The Occupylekkitollgate incident and the viral videos that followed the arrest and detention of Mr. Macaroni and other young people shocked many of his fans and followers on social media platforms. Many people, including adults, saw that intimidation and brutalization as an infringement on the rights of the protesters. But the protests came with huge gains; it changed Nigeria and the comedian’s life forever.
Ironically, women constitute Adebayo’s most loyal fan base. It is obvious that ladies love his skills and manipulative powers. But he is also loved by children and men who love good comedy series.
Olubunmi Okoror, a lawyer, real estate developer and a great fan of Mr. Macaroni mimics his usual and predictable opening line anytime he is in his element. “I’m Mr. Macaroni, the freaky, freaky daddy. I’m benefit papa; I just sent you 300k because you are doing very well”.
For Okoror, this comedian has what it takes to conquer the world. “I love his skits so much because all his shenanigans with women will always end up in bad market. My love for his comedy actually knows no bounds and this was reinforced after he was brutalized by the police during the Endsars protest. His actions showed his love for the masses and I respect him for that. I have also noticed that he is kind hearted. I understand he gave out a lot of money and gifts to his fans during his birthday. This is how to be a celeb”, she says.
All these and more, show that Mr. Macaroni is highly appreciated by many who love his jokes, acting abilities and activism. And once he keeps at it, the sky, as they say, will be his starting point.
This article was first published in alice, the in-flight magazine of Air Peace.


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