South Africa Police Arrest 9,000 Xenophobic Attack Suspects



South Africa police have arrested 9,098 people suspected of committing a variety of crimes in a nationwide operation following the recent wave of xenophobic violence.
Foreign nationals account for a portion of those arrested during Operation Fiela, otherwise known as `sweep’ in Sesotho language, according to figures provided by Minister of Police Nathi Nhleko at a session in parliament.
Nhleko did not reveal the whereabouts of the detainees and details of any judicial processes resulting from the arrests.
Police, along with the South African National Defence Force, launched Operation Fiela in April following a new spate of xenophobic violence.
During the attack 7 people were killed and thousands of foreigners displaced.
The operation has continues up until today. The opposition has pressed for answers regarding the whereabouts of those arrested.
The opposition said during the parliamentary session that the arrests raised questions regarding repatriation and deportation.



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