Short Stories: Obsession, By Regina Uren

    Since the day I set my eyes on her, I dreamt of her day and night .
    Our first meeting was when my Daddy brought her home.
    She was breath taking, her curves were in the right places.
    No patches on her body.
    She was a Master Piece to behold,
    I remember the glee on my Dad’s face and awe on the faces of those who came around to congratulate him on his new acquisition.
    We “washed” ( celebrated)it very well .
    As far I was concerned, she was the 8th wonder of the World.
    I was glad that I met her because I had always wondered what type of her ‘specie’ I should have when I was set.
    So it was at that instance that I made up mind to have her come what may even if at that point in time, I didn’t have what it took to have her .
    Oh well, don’t get it twisted, having her was possible even by me a woman a real woman I am emphasizing.
    To show my love for her, I made sure that any conversation I was having, tilted towards her, no matter the topic, wether academic, health, social or even spiritual.
    I just found loopholes that I would capitalise on and talk about her some how.
    Soon everyone knew that she was my Spec and Love. She was The One
    My friends teased me whenever any man.or woman passed us by with her.
    They will taunt me, “go and get her now” Koboless lady?” but I kept my cool, I knew that it was a matter of time.
    At times they get a bit worried about what they would later call “my obsession” of her and would caution me to be careful.
    They couldn’t see or feel how I felt you about her, after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say.
    Need I repeat it? she was beautiful, exortic
    always standing out in the crowd so how could my feeling be obsession? I was in love head over heels.
    I even caught them stealing a look at her from the sides of their eyes .
    I would shake my head in pity for them. They were hypocrites! why couldn’t they openly accept the Truth ?
    Moreover, there was no man or woman worth his or her salt, who didn’t want her.
    So why would my love be seen differently?
    She was on the World’s top-notch, Chief Executives’ lists must haves.
    You go to their houses and see how she was kept Specially!
    Heads turned and even women gave her an envious second look whenever she came to their area, she was the un wriiten “Second wife” obviously.
    I laidout plans strategically on how I would achieve my goal of having her.
    I asked questions on
    what I must do to have her .
    Since I didn’t have the money then, I took the spiritual steps first.
    I got scriptures to back up my faith.
    I Spoke and blasted in tongues once she passed by me calling her forth by faith while
    saving the money required.
    One day my friends called me the second time for a serious talk, they said that I was living in a fool’s paradise because she was far from my reach but I laughed at them and told them that they had little faith.
    “For nothing shall be impossible to she that believed and there shall be a performance of that which was said”.
    “Trust spiri Koko me”
    I waited for her patiently but In the midst of “my affair” with her, another lover appeared, he was handsome cool calm and collected and I accepted his proposal quickly and another journey began.
    How would I hide my love for her? and not too long after, he noticed.
    He was sharing me with someone else.
    He probed further to get to the bottom of it because it was obvious that her name was getting into every conversation and we needed to iron things out….. Hmmmm
    It was a forced discussion he wanted us to come to an agreement on various issues first was the number of kids, the type of house we should afford for starters, then our spending and…..the type of a CAR we should have as our first.( He didn’t have one as at that time )
    To be continued…


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