See How Much Of Property Man. United Star, Ronaldo Owns


Cristiano Ronaldo has gone from sweeping roads as a poor kid to owning sweeping mansions as a Portugal legend.

The Manchester United icon has more than £45million worth of homes and cars, from a £7m Madeira mega-mansion and £8.5m Bugatti sportscar to a modest £14,000 Mercedes.

But if all his wealth could fill just one of his 20-plus luxury cars, then the value of his houses and vehicles would barely take up a single passenger seat.

The former Real Madrid and Juventus striker, 36, is thought to have a net worth of around £363m.

And over his entire career he’s reputedly earned, spent and invested about £789m.

For £363m you could (apparently) have launched a space shuttle into space (£335m), and still had enough change to buy a private plane.

Or if that sort of thing wouldn’t leave you feeling over the moon you might have considered buying Newcastle – for an initial £300m.

Instead Ronaldo has invested in properties and his love of motors.

It’s all so far from a tough childhood, where he was expelled from school, diagnosed with a heart condition and grew up in a deprived area of Madrid with an alcoholic father.


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