Schools Need To Use Educational Toys To Activate Different Types Of Learning In Children – Educationist

Let’s get to meet you,  tell us more about your history. background, your academic qualifications. 
Toys R Lagos a subsidiary of Real Rehoboth International Ventures Ltd, is a Christian company.  We are located at 50 Victoria Street.  Ojota.   The company was created to help parents understand the importance of toys in education and building of confidence in children.  Many adults would have chosen different occupations if they had been exposed to certain types of educational toys.
Tell us more about your business and other details we need to know about it? 
The company works to make it possible for all children from all walks of life have opportunity to have educational and fun toys.  They donate toys to motherless baby homes, orphanages and care programs for children.
The company is distributor, retailer and wholesaler of electronics, mechanical tools, recreational products and educational materials for children/teenagers / adults .  They also sell  goods that are needed by schools, homes, offices, recreational centers, catering and rental services etc.
What informed your decision to go into this Project?
There is a lack of the importance of toy education in Nigeria.  Schools need to use educational toys to activate different types of learning in children.  Not all children learn alike.
Who are your target audience?
Schools, learning centers for children, parents, children play centers, and orphanages
How long have you been in this Project?
10 years
What has been the marketing like?  where can people get you?
Online at or come and visit our office at 50 Victoria Street. Ojota.  Lagos.
What was it like starting, I mean, did you get the support of your friends and family members in the course of  your career? 
It has been a wonderful learning experience.  As we the workers did not realize how so many parents have unconsciously allowed technology to prevent their children from engaging in educational play learning though toys
What values define your business?
As a Christian company, we believe that God has placed wonderful talents and gifts in every child.  And our job is to assist the parents, guardians or schools in building each child as best we can for the great future ahead.
Where do you see yourself with this project? 
We hope to connect with as many schools and learning institutions that will allow our audience.
People who may want to reach out to you, how can they reach you? 
email:, Telephone- 0913 043 2249
What are your social media handles?
Toysrlagos@Facebook and toysrlagos@Instagram


Are you in partnership with anyone? 

We are working towards establishing partnerships at present

Do you have plans to go into strategic partnership with others?
Yes, we definitely welcome partnerships with organizations that are working with educating children.


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