Rufai, Money And Politics, By Jide Olaniran

    Forget that Abidemi Rufai is an aide of the Ogun State Governor, he is a Lagos boy running things in Lekki an area that reinforces your wannabe status.
    Truth be told this “get rich or die trying” culture cut across tribe, religion or party lines. It is our reality. “If you don’t have money hide your face” isn’t that the title of a song that rivaled the National Anthem at some point transforming the artiste to a one hit wonder.
    Let me remind you again in case you have forgotten, to pick a nomination form in order to contest as a Local government Chairman in Lagos State on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, you will have to part with 2 Million naira while as a Councillor you are expected to pay 500k for nomination fee, that is aside your campaign funds.
    How will a society in dire need of leadership deny its best products the opportunity to serve by placing financial stumbling block before them.
    I am not sure anybody who earns his or her money legitimately will pay such outrageous amount just to contest a primary that is predetermined in most cases.
    So, if you are worried that our political landscape is being dominated by internet fraudsters then it is because they are the ones who can afford what matters in the process of choosing our leaders. Money talks shit happens.


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