Revealed! Female Militants Among Gunmen That Abducted Zamfara Schoolgirls


Some of the students who managed to escape when gunmen raided the Government Girls Secondary School Jangebe in Zamfara state, said there were women in combat gear among the gunmen that abducted the over 317 schoolgirls last Friday.

Madina Hamisu Kawaye, who escaped, said she was sleeping when a woman wielding a gun, woke her up from sleep that night.

”I was sleeping deeply, the woman wore dark clothes and was holding a gun. She was hitting the building with her gun to wake us up from sleep. ”

”I stood up confused, I realized all the girls in our hostel were taken outside, some were covered with blankets .”

”I stealthily hid under a bed. Two other girls hid under the bed too, when the female combatant moved to wake other girls from sleep.”

”I heard one of the gunmen telling someone on the phone that they were already inside the school and were gathering the students. I also heard another gunman speaking in Fulani language,” she said.

Another student who escaped by the name of Zainab said she sneaked and hid in a toilet when the gunmen were gathering the students, near the school’s Masjid.

”I ran away from the gathering and hid in the toilet. I stayed there until I heard gunshots and movement of vehicles that moved the students away,” she narrated.


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