Re-Stamp Duty Trillions: Emefiele Vs His Boss, Buhari, By Chris Otaigbe


Obviously, the dust surrounding the Stamp Duty trillions may not be settling any time soon; as individuals and groups are set to fight on behalf of the fleeing CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele.

Groups and individuals from the South South, particularly, appear to be championing this UNHOLY, IMPURE cause.

They should KNOW that the STUPID, home grown concept of ‘he is OUR THIEF, LEAVE HIM FOR US’ won’t WORK this time; not in this Emefiele story.

As they say, when you see a goat dancing in the market square, its drummer is behind somewhere.

These people cannot on their own, in today’s Nigeria, start jumping up and down to fight for their ‘brother’ without the BROTHER, his agents or relatives funding their agitation.

So, Nigerians understand the game. As we say, in local parlance, ‘we know as e dey go.’

Among those fighting for Emefiele’s cause, one particular YouTube comment caught my attention.

Titled, ‘ALL EXPOSED FINALLY EMEFIELE OPENS UP SPEAKS ON WHY CABAL…(written as is), and anchored via a voice over commentary on the Emefiele crisis, the female voice speaking fairly fluent English, with Warri accent, reads a note allegedly written by the exiled CBN Governor on his witch hunt by Buhari’s cabal.

In the letter, the young lady states that Emefiele is being witch hunted by the cabal in Mohammadu Buhari’s government to FURTHER deepen the NORTHERNIZATION agenda by Buhari.

In the letter, Emefiele reveals that all the agencies under the CBN are HEADED by the Fulanis; besides the usual ones controlling Nigeria’s security apparatus and strategic Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

In the letter, Emefiele claims Buhari wants to replace him with another Fulani person; this time, a woman; to COMPLETE the FULANIZATION hold on the country.

My take…

First, the alleged Northernization or FULANIZATION agenda is NO NEWS to Nigerians.

As a matter of fact, we are used to it and have resigned to fate; on the matter.

Nigerians are merely counting days for those dark nepotistic days to end; as they prepare to welcome a new government come May 29.

From the point, the mainstream and most online media began, editorially, SLANTING the DSS’ JUSTIFIED chase of the CBN Governor as ‘HARASSMENT’ and witch hunt, I knew we are getting close to where the matter is getting to today.

Today, the media war appears to be PITCHING Emefiele AGAINST Buhari and his alleged cabal.

That the fleeing CBN Governor has not found it fit to DISSOCIATE himself from the ADVOCACY the media and INDUCED civil society groups are pushing in his favor against the President, it means he is not only aware, bit in FULL SUPPORT; of the attacks on the president; from quarters SYMPATHETIC to the CBN Governor’s cause.

Well, I have news for him and his support groups; Nigerians are NOT BUYING that!

Nigerians are INTERESTED in how he managed the Stamp Duty money; whether they are in billions or TRILLIONS!

Rather than spending his time, in exile, enjoying the UNHOLY and IMPURE sympathy; he is getting, he should LEVERAGE the opportunity he has; staying away from the RELAXED reach of the DSS; to EXPLAIN; CONVINCINGLY, the true story concerning the stamp duty trillions.

Otherwise, he may just be SQUANDERING the rare but LIMITED opportunity he has now; because the DSS WILL get him at some point; wherever he may be on the planet.

If they can get a hitherto, INVINCIBLE Nnandi Kanu of IPOB, they can get him; it is just a matter of time.

Allowing all these SPONSORED noise or support against Buhari and the  DSS, is further WORSENING his situation.


Yes, Nigerians are not happy that Buhari has FULANIZED his government; but a tiny few ‘elite’ Southerners and especially Emefiele, have been ENJOYING that agenda; as beneficiaries.

So, he cannot come up, now that his ALLEGED CRIME has put him in danger, to EXPECT his Southern brothers and sisters, he NEVER recognized or respected when the going was good, to BAIL him out, today.

You see, this current situation captures what we all have always known.

When the going is good, CORRUPT ELITE Nigerians from North and South are UNITED in looting the country; but when any of them falls out of favor from the realm, they RESORT to ETHNIC and RELIGIOUS blackmail.

This is the current twist in the tale of Emefiele and the MISSING STAMP DUTY TRILLIONS.

Second reason, why Emefiele should be ALLOWED to face the music, is that this year’s budget will be largely FUNDED on BORROWED money.

At over  N11 trillion deficit, the government is set to borrow to fund the budget.

Meanwhile, we are INFORMED that the Governor of the CBN knows where over N89.1 trillion in Stamp Duty revenue is being kept; no one is talking about it!

Is that not madness? As my people will say; ‘Nor be JUJU be dat?’

Over 18 items make up the Stamp Duty revenue window; among which include, Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), Joint Partnership Agreement and so forth.

In other words, besides the N50 being remitted on every transaction above N1,000, anytime anyone gets a C of O, or engages in a Joint Venture financial transaction among others, stamp duty is collected.

These transactions occur every day in the country.

So, you can UNDERSTAND why the money is in trillions of naira.

In the end, fighting or allowing his SYMPATHIZERS to take on Buhari will not help him.

As a matter of fact, now that he knows the GAME IS UP for him, he should SPILL it all out; and let the chips fall where they may.

He should name ALL his collaborators in the government. After all, a man who is DOWN, fears NO FALL!

This is where he is; presently; flat on the FLOOR of shame. He can only but try to regain what is left of his HONOR by letting the world know his story in truth and all with him.

Lastly, Nigerians should also know that the Stamp Duty trillions is and can NOT be HEAPED on Emefiele alone.

One other VERY MAJOR PERSONA in this missing stamp duty trillions story is the DEPUTY GOVERNOR of the CBN, Folashodun shonubi.

He was the managing director of the Nigerian Inter bank Settlement System (NIBSS); from 2012-2018, when he was appointed to his current job at CBN.

He even REPRESENTS the CBN Governor on the board of FIRS; the government Tax agency, who are mandated to collect the Stamp Duty.

So, you can now understand what Nollywood People calls CONTINUITY happening here; in this context (if you know what I mean; lol).

NIBSS took over the collection of Stamp Duty revenue in 1993; on behalf of the banks; in criminal VIOLATION of the Stamp Duty Laws

I want to BELIEVE DSS has been summoning all these people; because to have an idea of those involved, directly (by virtue of their position, role and responsibilities) concerning the Stamp Duty trillions.

I am CONVINCED a Shonubi will have a great idea of what Hon. Gudaji Kazaure is talking about.

All the talk about the figure involved being too BIG to be real is NOT CONNECTING with LOGIC or TRUTH.

As a Nigerian, with stake in this country, I am COMMITTED to seeing to the end of this matter; and so should you.

Regardless of what happens to me, as God gives me the grace, I will continue to feed you the information you need to ACT; when the time comes.

So, stay tuned for MORE; from my corner.

Meanwhile, Emefiele needs to do himself a favor; he should come CLEAN.

Then, let him see if his brothers and sisters will not fight for him; should Buhari not PROSECUTE any of his own people Emefiele may mention as one of his COLLEAGUES in the UNHOLY COLLECTION of the Stamp Duty trillions.



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