Quality Content In Social Mediasphere, By Charles Kalu

    “Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.’’
    *What is Quality?*
    *Quality is the Standard of something as measured against other things of similar kind;* the degree of excellence.
    *What is Content?*
    Content is something that is to be expressed through speech, writing or any of the various arts. *Content is the information and experiences that are directed toward an end-user or audience.*
    In the media space *content* remains a key factor whether it’s the traditional media, newspapers, magazines, online, or in the broadcast media; television, radio, videos, etc. You need *quality content* to keep your audience or readers or customers or visitors to your portals.
    *Content Is King!*
    Bill Gates notes 25 years ago that; ‘’ Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the internet, just as it was (it is) in broadcasting.’’ Indeed, Gates assertion was right and that statement remains relevant today.
    You need *content to drive your outfit both in the traditional media and social media and money will come.*
    Without *content, nothing connects you with your customers or audience*. Content attracts more people and gets them more involved with you do.
    *Why is Content King?*
    *Quality content grows relationship with your audience or customers.*
    The right content improves your brand’s relationship with the customers or audience.
    *Qualitative content builds your brand reputation and trust.*
    It helps bring new audience and keeps old ones because each one is telling the other one about the high quality content within your space. A valuable content breeds trust and reliability. Always grow a content that serves the purpose and interests of your audience and create a connection with them. Focus on their interests, pains , joys and challenges and even proffer solutions.
    *Quality Content Informs, Educates and Entertains.*
    Your content should be able to educate your audience. Your content should inform your customer on new developments, inventions, happenings around them, about services, products, and information on health concerns.
    Your content should be presented in an entertaining style showing why your brand is better than your competition.
    *Content Improves Brand Recognition.*
    Quality content can help establish your brand as one that can be trusted. Your audience will admire and rely on your brand. You can effectively woo your customers and audience with your content. Content brings about positive reviews and more visits to the portal thereby making your brand more recognizable.
    *Content Makes you Reach Influencers*
    Your quality content can easily help you attract quality and “popular” influencers. Their interest in your portal helps promote your content hence reaching a wider audience. Influencers with trusted opinions and views give your brand’s authority a boost.
    *Contents To Avoid On Social Media*
    + *Be careful about poorly edited or proofread content*
    The social media remains an all comers space. As casual as it looks does not warrant you to throw professionalism to the wind. Always proof read your write ups before posting or sharing because a few errors can portray your content as unprofessional and amateurish. Polish your content because the internet or social media has no boundaries.
    *Don’t share unverified information*
    +Information travel fast on the social media. Your content must be credible and true. False information can spread to the extent where no amount of disclaimer can stop people from sharing. You may be held liable by law if you share certain content or information. Confirm unverified information from the local authority or any other credible means before you share. Better be safe than sorry.
    + *Avoid Spreading Hate*
    Social Media has become toxic due to hate comments dominating the space. This is a tool to keep up with what’s happening with friends and family but we see people using their social media sphere for the purpose of demeaning individuals and groups especially those with divergent views depending on political, religious or ethnic leaning. Don’t resort to abuse or personal attacks because a post is against your stand or position.
    *Avoid Misleading Posts*
    + Do not deliberately post a content that is bound to mislead your audience. Headlines should be attention grabbing and not misleading. Avoid posts or claims that are not true just because you want more likes.
    *Avoid Political and Religious Posts*
    + Don’t deploy such posts to manipulate your audience.
    Political and Religious topics often than not turn out to be touchy and seem to touch the heart of those concerned. Share posts on these topics with the knowledge of the risks that comes with it. But you can deal with and share such posts with those in your groups or forums.
    *“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation “*
    Herman Melville
    *A paper presented at the Bodex Social Media Hangout on Sunday, June 6th 2021


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