Players’ Selection: Nigerians Task Oliseh To Consult Ex-Eagles


Soccer loving Nigerians have counselled the newly appointed Chief Coach of the Super Eagles, Sunday Oliseh, to seek the advice of former Nigerian internationals in the selection of his team.

Oliseh took to his facebook page early Tuesday asking Nigerians to advice him whether he should seek the counsel of the past Nigerian soccer heroes as he settles down to form his new-look Super Eagles.

He wrote: “The approval by the NFF to me about the selection of my team will be 17/8/2015, is it a good idea to seek advice from past heroes like Okocha, Kanu and others? Advise me for a better team my brothers and sisters, as you do GOD bless.”

Many Nigerians who commented on Oliseh’s posting on his Facebook page believe that it would be nice if he seeks the opinions of the former players in the selection of his team, but he should be careful in considering those suggestions as the buck stops at his table if the Eagles under him succeed or fail.

According to Akachi Maduabuchi, “my advice for you is that you should focus on your job because some of our coaches like taking bribe. It is better for you to determine in your heart that you are going to use good and quality players for your matches. God will give you wisdom, good luck sir.”

Emeka Onyebuchi said “yes, it is good to seek for advice, but remember you are using that to make your way through, but your decision should be final.”

Kehinde Abdulraheem also said: “Yes sir, you can seek advice, God is with you already, just use the right team.”

Innocent Imafidon wants Oliseh to always think twice before taking any of the advice, warning that he should only pick useful and relevant ones.

Holayinka Hallen Halim noted that Oliseh has begun in the right direction, saying “this is a very good thinking in the right direction, just make sure that from every advice that you are given, you choose the good one.”

Raphmore Raphmore wants the Chief Coach to be very careful as “few heroes can give you what you need without their own personal interest coming first. So while you are seeking advice, be watchful. I prefer you taking advice from somebody like Nwankwo Kanu, as he is somebody that can give advice without his personal interest attached to it.”

Umar Saleh wants Oliseh to seek advice from only his teammates in the Eagles.

“You can seek advice only from your former teammates, and say no to bribe. God bless you, God bless our players home and abroad and God bless Nigeria,” Saleh said.

Taoheed Akinloye Salami noted that “there is nothing bad in seeking advice from the past legends of Nigerian soccer, God will help you brother.”

Lordmore Karanda advised Oliseh that he should not do away with the team managed by erstwhile coach, Stephen Keshi, saying “as a coach you still need to assess the championship winning team that Keshi managed. You can also have a wide selection from the U-20 and U-17 teams, I know now that Kelechi Ihenacho can play for the Super Eagles.”

Ola Pressy in his own comment says “yes it is very necessary, but after gathering those advice, go home and ask God for the wisdom, knowledge and understanding so that what happened in the past won’t happen to you because you are the coach we are looking up to not those who give you the advice.”


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