Osu Recommends Two Years Jail Term For False Rape Accusers


Beverly Osu, Nigerian actress and reality TV star has advocated a two-year jail term for people who falsely accuse others of rape.

According to her, such accusations ruin the person’s career, and relationship.

The Big Brother Africa star wondered why an apology is enough for everyone to sweep a false rape allegation under the carpet, insisting that the accuser should be jailed for at least two years.

Start arresting people that falsely accuse others of RAPE! They should serve jail time, maybe 2 years

Always wondered how ”I’m sorry” solves this issue in Nigeria. Eh Just like that?

Do you know what you put the person through? The trauma how am I supposed to prove that I didn’t do it?, questioning of self, questioning God, damaging their careers, their reputations, their relationships and their mental health…

Jail time Abeg!!!



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