No Cabinet, No LGs; PDP Berates Ambode

The lagos State chapter of PDP has berated Governor Akinwunmi Ambode for sitting on the governorship stool relaxed and comfortable when he ought to govern the state holistically with a Cabinet and constitutionally recognised local Government Councils as 3rd Tier of government.
The Party described these omissions as deliberate and reflecting that the Governor was not in any way prepared to govern the State in accordance with the provisions of the constitution.
According to the PDP, the APC and Governor Ambode have opted to return the state into a kangaroo republic where known norms for good governance are violated and or put in abeyance. The party thus wants the state House of Assembly to cease all approvals to the governor on any expenditure to any ministry and the local councils until those institutions are legally and properly constituted.
“We are shocked that the APC and governor Ambode can confirm their unpreparedness to continue to govern lagos state. How can one explain that governor Ambode does not have a Cabinet even when he took over from a same Party governor! The transition that should ordinarily be smooth is now disjointed because of the unpreparedness of the governor and his party. This lacunae is a violation of the constitution. The State must have commissioners and to us this continual delay in appointing commissioners, Advisers etc is deliberate to clean up the mess in the various ministries and departments.
Similarly, the governor is presiding over a 3rd tier of government that is alien to our 1999 constitution which its section 7 guarantees ONLY democratically elected Local councils.
The Tenure of the last local councils expired in October 2014. Ten months after, no elections, yet allocations are being spent illegally. The Governor is sitting comfortable as if all is well with these undemocratic local councils. Rather than direct elections into the councils, the governor is diversionary by attempting to reform the local government system. This is just an Alibi to avoid council Polls knowing well that his party is not popular at the grassroots.
Unfortunately, the State House of Assembly is abetting these contraptions. A serious House of Assembly should summon the governor to explain why he should continue to spend the state resources at this time without commissioners and democratically elected local councils”


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