Nigeria’s Richest Woman, Folorunsho Alakija, Husband End Their Over 30-Year Marriage


Nigeria’s richest woman, Folorunsho Alakija, and her husband, Modupe, have decided to go their separate ways after more than three decades of marriage. The couple, renowned for their philanthropy, business acumen, and seemingly unbreakable partnership, are navigating what can only be described as the twilight of their long-standing union.

Sources close to the family have revealed to THEWILL that the separation was not a decision made lightly. The Alakijas, whose love story was once the stuff of legend, have reportedly faced challenges that could no longer be reconciled, leading to this unexpected pivot in their lives. Modupe, a respected businessman in his own right, has allegedly moved out of their shared luxurious home in the upscale neighbourhood of Ikoyi, Lagos, seeking solitude in the same district, hinting at the gravity of their marital discord.


This heartrending turn of events has left many in their circle reflecting on the pressures faced by couples in the public eye. Despite their best efforts to maintain a united front, it’s become clear that even the most storied relationships are not immune to strife. The couple’s journey, marked by their rise to prominence and their significant contributions to society, now enters a new chapter filled with uncertainty.

The details surrounding their split suggest a growing rift that had been brewing for some time. Modupe Alakija has reportedly moved out of their luxurious Ikoyi, Lagos home, signalling a physical and emotional distance between the pair. Despite efforts to reach Modupe for a comment, his silence adds to the air of mystery surrounding the separation.

overlay-cleverThis development comes on the heels of a notably discreet wedding for one of the Alakija’s sons, which now appears to have been a harbinger of the internal struggles within the family. The event was marked by an unusual level of privacy and control over media presence, a stark departure from the lavish celebrations traditionally associated with the Alakija family. Guests were meticulously vetted, and photographers found themselves restricted in a way that underscored a desire to keep personal matters away from public scrutiny.


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