Nigeria In Need Of Quality Leadership, As A New Political Forum Emerges – Says UK-Based Nigerian, Samuel


Speaking with Afrikanwatch network is the Director and Chief Executive Officer, Universal Education Service , United Kingdom,  Samuel Taiwo Brown, who is, also the founder, Nigerian Progressive Alliance, (NPA) ;a political forum in UK.

Samuel, who stated that, Nigeria, as country, is in dire need of quality leadership, must seek for synergy to wipe out bad leadership, stressing that, well-meaning Nigerians, who think of a better country should come together  for the progress of all. He therefore calls  for a new era of change and transformation in the country.

Samuel, who  made this known to Afrikanwatch Network while briefing the Media outfit about a Forum on a telephone conversation from UK  last week, stressed that, NPA is a Forum turning into a political party in Nigeria, and the Forum  tends to take back Nigeria from the cabals and  godfatherism. “We need to reset Nigeria value systems, and restructure the country to a noble society” he reiterated.

The  NPA leader noted , the need to bring back  Nigerian value system; rule of law, religious tolerance,  obedience to the rule of law and disregard for corruption in the economy.

The founder of the Forum emphasised further the goal :

“Our focus will include a reform in the Nigerian institutions away from corruption .We will ensure that the constitution is amended to accomodate just a bi-camera legislature.

However, . We will create a new network and a new way of catering for all Nigerians, by ensuring  social security  and welfare for Nigerian citizens, create better employment opportunities for our young men and women, abolish  cabalistic system, and godfatherism”

“We ask all Nigerian youths,  and University students, let’s work together to wipe away  the cabals, to wipe away political sycophants and create a workable system.

“Furthermore,  one of the systems, NPA will  use is peaceful revolution by employing all political strategy to capture power and the mind of Nigerians. enough is enough”

“Nigerian can be better off, if we all work together. Thus, we must not loose hope but believe in our ideology of restructuring Nigeria. We are going to take a qeue  from former President Goodluck Jonathan’s national conference and other reforms that has been used to better our country in the past. I wish all Nigerians the best of luck, while we  call on the youth, working class and every other good citizens of this great nation to join us to make Nigeria a progressive society.

Also speaking on the need to reposition the Country’s educational system, he noted, that

the last time Nigeria had a reform on education was in 1969, wondering why Buhari’s government failed to cut down  parental financial burden in the school system, but his forum will do the needful if given the oppportunity with  new and bold idea. “And we will donate so much in girl child education to reform our girls by preparing them for the future and also reform all sexual law,  engage our graduate after school apart from NYSC, seek for a better restructuring of the Corps. Other areas we will focus better are; Health Care system delivering, youth developmeng, Almajiri’s Reform, banking, Environment, Economy, Industry, Security, Electoral Reform, Electricity, Terrorism, etc” he stated


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