New Reports Show Pictures Of How Boko Haram Members Are Allegedly Recruiting, Training Kids


The dreaded Boko Haram terrorist group has released some photographs showing children undergoing religious and combat training in a camp.

According to reports, the images show relatively young children dressed in combat-style clothing and balaclava participating in martial arts training, weapon handling training, and religious education class.

At least two instructors and one child had what appeared to be the Zastava M21, likely captured from Cameroonian security forces.

The Zastava M21, built based on the Kalashnikov design, has appeared in previous pictures shared by Boko Haram factions or reported to have been recovered by security forces. Some children were also shown holding different Kalashnikov pattern assault rifles with under folding, side-folding, and fixed wooden stocks.

Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno State had in September 2020 warned that Boko Haram was recruiting children, saying the problem of insurgency could escalate.

He had said, “The only solution we have now is to ensure the safe return of our people to their homes in a dignified manner. If nothing is done believe me sincerely we shall face a very serious challenge even more than what we are facing now.”

“This is because right now the insurgents are recruiting many of our children into the sect because of the increasing unemployment rate.”


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