My Son Is Not My Husband’s Child, But My Boss’ – Married Woman Reveals

A married woman, names witheld, has revealed how she got pregnant for her boss without the knowledge of her husband. gathered that the woman who shared her story on her social media page, said the relationship with her boss started after her husband lost his job during the covid-19 pandemic.
“I got married to my husband 5 years ago. everything was going well until they laid him off during covid period. We were living off my salary and it wasn’t even enough. My boss at my office was always making advances at me and how he’ll take care of me and promote me, after thinking about it for weeks I had no option than to give in.”
“We started dating and it was fun, the sèx was good, the attention too. I got promoted twice in 4 months my coworkers began to suspect, we had to adjust on how we spoke to each other at office.”
“After work we’d have séx for an hour or two either inside his office or car, I got pregnant for him. Immediately I noticed I started having marathon sex with my husband just to pin it on him.”
“My son will be 2 years soon, I hope he doesn’t find out cause it wasn’t totally my fault. I’m still with my boss only that we use protection now.”


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