My Son Cannot Be A Musician By Otive Igbuzor


    When my son, Uvie Ogheneyoma Paul Otive-Igbuzor told me that he wanted to be a musician, I retorted categorically that my son cannot be a musician.
    I had a clear idea of the type of profession that I wanted by children to practice. I always told people that I prefer a professional in middle class to super rich footballers and musicians. My children knew my view and expectation. So, when my son took interest in music, he hid it from me and the mother. I had the shock of my life when I went to his school, Baze University where he was reading Economics to check on him. I saw his car but did not see him and he was not picking his calls. I just tried my luck to ask a student whether he knew Uvie Otive-Igbuzor and he replied that he just had a show. I was later to discover that he has been performing in school.
    When he finally summoned the courage to tell him that he was taking to music, I told him point blank that my son cannot be a musician. I warned him not to add my name to his name if he chooses to be a musician. But as I was reacting, I was praying and reflecting. God used the opportunity to teach me a lot of lessons in life. First is that you cannot live the life for your son. As a father, you only need to help your son discover himself and support him to succeed. The second lesson is that all professions and careers are required for the benefit of society. We need good politicians, lawyers, architects, accountants, Pharmacists, Doctors, Nurses, Microbiologists, Engineers, administrators, development workers and so on. But we also need musicians, footballers, fashion designers, etc.
    When I finally decided to support my son for his chosen career and began to listen to the lyrics of the songs, I cannot thank God enough for making me to change my mind.
    Today, I am one of the greatest fans and promoter of Uviboy, the Rap Priest. He has a message for his generation. As you listen to the songs today, I request that you take note of the lyrics. I covet your support to get out the music to this generation. There are many ways to deal with the challenges of the present generation. Music is one of them.
    I welcome you to this listening party, Mixtape release and breakfast with Uviboy, the Rap Priest. Thanks for partnering with us.
    God bless you.


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