My In-Laws Accused Me Of Infecting My Husband With Cancer, Woman Alleges


My husband started showing signs of cancer way back when we were still in courtship. Soon after we tied knots, the condition really went to adverse levels for his health really deteriorated on a large hand.

My in laws began to put blame on me that I was the cause of all this little did they know that he was ailing prostate cancer which had been identified at a very late stage. As time went by, they would even say that I had infected him with HIV/AIDS since his health was not at a good state. He remained indoors and as he could not perform important tasks. Walking was even a problem. He had to go on leave for the disease had really affected him.

My in laws kept saying that I was the one behind his aliment. I clearly did not understand why these trusted in laws put all the blame on me. As time went by they all sidelined me. No one from my husband’s family wanted to be close to me since they all said I had infected their son with HIV/AIDS little did they know he had prostate cancer. As usual prostate cancer was curable very fast if its identified in its early stages.

I tried to even show them the all medical tests that he had prostate cancer but they all turned it away as they said their son was suffering from HIV. They also went to appoint of saying that before I met him he was so much healthy hence I was the cause. The disease had really affected my life and that of my husband. As time went by, he was subjected to the ICU since it seemed the disease was on another level.

I had to look for solutions and when I was In the process I met Vincent a long time friend whom I shared with my husband story and how this made affect my relationship with my in laws. He told me Mugwenu doctors were to solve that situation within the shortest time possible and I was to have a good relationship with my in laws once more. I visited the herbalists for I had much hope that things were to work out. Three days later, my husband started walking and life seemed returning to normality. After a week he was okay where he even seemed strong. I knew Mugwenu doctors had really had a hand in this.

On the other hand, my in laws changed their mind against me as we became one again through Mugwenu doctors. Since that day I visited Mugwenu doctors, we have been living happily with my in laws as the false claims they had about me came to an end. I really give credit to Mugwenu doctors. They help you have luck and remove bad luck in your life at any particular moment. They also enable you overcome certain life challenges like depression which might lead to committing suicide at any particular time. They treat various diseases such as syphilis, diabetes just to mention a few. They are the most reliable herbal doctors in the East African region so do not hesitate to call them in case you got any need.


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