My Book, “Storming The Campus” Prepares Students For Undergraduate Life – Akaeze

Austin Akaeze is the Author of the book, Storming The Campus. In this interview with the Publisher / Lead Partner,, Emeka Monye, he talks about the book, excerpt…
Let’s meet you? 
I am Austine Akaeze. I live and work in Asaba with my family. I am a civil servant. I studied at University of Nigeria Nsukka. I have worked as a journalist. I am a writer and I have published two books.
Recently, the Delta State Govt, ministry of education approved your book for its senior secondary school students, How did this come to you?
Well, it has been a long process. When my book came out, I know it will do well. I took tile to put it together and I have a specific target audience in mind which are freshmen and senior secondary students. I appreciate the Delta Stare Commissioner for Secondary Education, Mrs. Rose Ezewu for her support and encouragement.
Tell us more about the book?
The book, Storming the Campus, is  out and doing well
The work is targeted at freshman across all levels of tertiary education.
Also, admission seekers and senior secondary school students will see the book very valuable.
The work bridges the gap between the freshman and his learning environment.
Among other aspects,  the meaning and concept of education, what it takes to be a committed student, fired by the zeal of scholarship and efforts needed to come out on tops and surmounting possible challenges,  were all well emphasised in the book.
The general reader will equally find the book, highly informative.
Why this class of students and How does it address the issue of ignorance for potential university seekers? 
Addressing the issue you just raised is the major focus of the work
Are you satisfied with the quality of students in both our secondary and post secondary schools? 
Not at all.  A lot of work need to be done. Our educational culture is faulty. It stresses memorisation of facts to creativity. We must change the narrative.
6) For students outside Delta State who would want to get the book, how do they go about it?
I am working to get other states to emulate Delta. We must give a new sense of direction to our youths.  It is a national responsibility.
Also, individuals can order copies in bulk and get it shared to the target students.
Are your targets just only Secondary school students?
Of course not. The senior secondary school student, the freshman and the general public are all target audience.
And finally, what’s your message for readers of your book?
To truly and consciously  assimilate the contents of the book  and put in into creative action.


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