Ministerial Screening: Showunmi Carpets Tinubu Over Lopsided Appointments Against South East


A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Segun Showunmi, has berated President Bola Tinubu over the manner in which he is constituting his cabinet.

Showunmi stated that those getting appointed to Tinubu’s government are majorly from the southwest.

He made the assertion on Wednesday while featuring on Channels Television’s Politics Today programme.

The PDP stalwart insisted that Tinubu is not being fair to the southeast region.

He maintained that the Federal Government has done a lot of things that could be considered as serious missteps.

Showunmi lamented that from the way things are going the Southwest are those that would be favoured by the present administration.

He said, “You know I am a Yoruba man. Ironically, I have known Asiwaju for years. So there must be some kind of soft spot there. But I have tried very hard to say “let’s wait until hundred days”. Why? Because there’s a tradition and culture of “let them take hundred days to settle down”.

“But unfortunately for this administration, they have done quite a lot of things that could be considered as serious missteps.

“And they have done it in such a brazen and hurried manner that people are now forced to say no.

“I have seen the kind of people he is putting in his cabinet, and I laughed at him; few brilliant persons but a few excessively recycled characters. If you come in this country and you want to do a paradigm shift, and your paradigm shift includes former governors.

“I have looked at the people he is putting together. I am a little bit uncomfortable with the fact that, if I may be honest with you, both of us Yoruba men, it’s beginning to seem that our people will get the best of the cherries. I can tell you the things we have already gotten and the things we are likely to get.”

Speaking further, Showunmi wondered if Tinubu did not feel uneasy for giving fewer positions to the southeast.

Does it not prick your soul that you’re putting ten in one place; nine in one place; seven in one place and five in one place. And you are giving the southeast (Igbos) five. I can tell you for free, there’s no mental capacity, validation, education, authentication that you are looking for in the world that you would not find Ndi Igbo, either in Nigeria or in the diaspora. Why is it now you’re telling me that you can only get five from them? These are the issues,” he added.


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