Man Charged With Sneaking Into Bank At Night


A 33-year-old man has been arrested and charged before a Magistrates’ Court sitting in Ejigbo after he allegedly stole a micro finance bank’s security uniform at night, wore it and pretended to be one of the guards.

The crime was allegedly committed in Igando, Lagos State, western Nigeria.

The suspect, Lucky Mathew, allegedly scaled the fence of Stallion Micro Finance Bank located in Igando in the night around 8.00 pm and stole the bank’s security uniform and wore it.

However, after a while, two guards on duty, Adams Ibe and Friday Udoh, noticed the presence of Mathew who was not among the security men attached to the bank.

Udoh confronted Mathew to know how and where he got their uniform he wore and who employed him.

Mathew, noticing that his motive for entering the bank’s premises had failed, he allegedly attacked Udoh and Ibeh and took to his heels.

The security guards raised the alarm and Mathew was apprehended on the street and handed over to the police at Igando Division.

During interrogation, Mathew allegedly confessed that he jumped into the bank’s premises through its fence and stole the uniform.

The prosecutor, Seargent Babaji Ishaku, charged him with felony and assault under the Criminal Code.

He pleaded guilty and told the court he committed the offence but only did that in order to sleep inside the bank on that day.

During the fact and sentence, the prosecutor asked the court to sentence him accordingly despite the fact that he did not waste the time of the court.

Barrister Mariam Njoku from Legal Aids Council of Nigeria, urged the court to change his plea to ‘not guilty’ since he said he had no intention to commit any crime in the bank.

The presiding Magistrate, Mrs J. O. E. Adeyemi entered not guilty plea and adjourned the matter till 31 Agugust, 2015 for hearing.

He was taklen back to Kikikiri prison pending the outcome of the hearing.


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