Ladipo Market: Lagos PDP Criticizes Lagos Govt. Over Demolition Of Shops



The lagos State Chapter of PDP has strongly criticised the lagos state government for the manner of demolishing the popular ladipo auto spare parts market, accusing the Government of insincerity, imperialism and misgovernance.
According to the Party, the good intention that may be in the decision of the government to develop the market has been completely overshadowed by the manner of execution of the decision. The manner which lacked any due legal process exposes the strong likelihood of vindictiveness against Ibo dominated markets in lagos state. There is thus urgent need for caution in the actions of the state government in areas dominated by non indigenes.
The PDP has thus advised the Ibo traders in the state to approach the courts; Rights commissions and International commissions for protection against further victimisation in the state.
It would be recalled that the Mushin local government authority in conjunction with the state authorities recently carried out the demolition of the Ladipo auto spare parts market.
” we welcome radical infrastructure development in the state, but such must also be given human face. We are aware that this recent demolition had no prior notice to the traders. The exercise was carried out without any due legal process like issuing of statutory notice.
It was so sudden that the traders could not even take their property. As a result, the traders lost unquantifiable auto parts and cash in local and foreign currencies. The exercise appeared more of retaliation because the market is Ibo dominated and it is believed that the Ibos voted against the current governor in the state. But this is misgovernance as some Ibos must have voted for the governor.
We are also aware that the proposed development is to be financed by a developer who probably sponsored the demolition. Is this also a case of satisfying the investor over and above the majority traders. We admonished this governor to eschew any act of imperialism.
Governor Ambode thus has the moral challenge to ensure that the now displaced traders have first Right of refusal in the developed market. The stalls must also be affordable and not over priced”.
Meanwhile, the PDP has commended the calmness of the traders aftermath of the demolition.


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