Kogi Jail Break: HURIWA Asks President Buhari To sack CG Of Prisons


President Muhammadu Buhari has been urged in the interest of building a befitting legacy of decisiveness and discipline, to sack forthwith the Comptroller- General of the Nigerian correctional center Alhaji Haliru Nababa over the disgraceful jail break that took place on Monday 13th 2021 in Kogi State in which over 200 prisoners escaped.

Describing the jail break as a grave threat to Nigeria’s national security, the foremost Civil Rights Advocacy Group:- HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) said the President needs to pass a resolutely firm message to his appointees that indiscipline, dereliction of duty and all forms of shows- of –shame would not be tolerated by dismissing the head of the nation’s prisons for failing to effectively secure all the Nigerian Correctional Centres long after he assumed office in February against the backdrops of incessant jail breaks that have happened in the last twelve months.

HURIWA expressed consternation and utter disappointment with the failed leadership of the nation’s Prisons for displaying lackadaisical attitudes to the governance of the Prisons just as the Rights group said it is unacceptable that the new head of the Nigerian Correctional Centres who has been part of the Prison Service for years to now get the opportunity of a life time to head the nation’s prison facilities only for him not to immediately roll out workable mechanisms for tackling the most disturbing problem that afflicts the prison sector which is incessant jail breaks. The Rights group has therefore called on the Nigerian President to constitute a high level commission of experts to understudy and publish the causes and practical guides to checking the ugly menace of prison breaks and to identify those internal factors and persons responsible for this hydraheaded monster.

“We appeal to the President to demonstrate that he is a leader who would not tolerate half measures. The constant negative stories of jail breaks in Nigeria has shown that because President Buhari has been so benevolent and merciful to his misbehaving appointees, so they will not be afraid not to misbehave. The security of the Prisons goes beyond mere rhetoric, these constant breaches of security of the prison facilities are meant to tarnish the global image of Nigeria and we urge the President to end these episodes of failures by his appointees in the prison sector. The group said reforms in the prison sector understandably should go beyond mere ceremonial change of name from Nigerian Prison Service to Nigerian Correctional Center. But the Integrity of the prison system matters so much and is the prerequisite to the level of trust in our Justice system globally.”

HURIWA recalled that Hundreds of prisoners have escaped from the medium federal correctional centre in Kabba, Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area of Kogi State.

Gunmen in their tens attack the prison centre which is on the Kabba – LOKOJA highway, on Sunday night through Monday morning, killing the military men keeping guide on the road before attacking the centre.

The gunmen thereafter launched attack on the prison officers before making ways to set all the prisoners free

An early morning downpour on Monday according to Punch led to their escape. The building housing the inmates was reportedly submerged by flood. However, about 100 of the inmates have been rearrested, while unspecified number voluntarily returned.

Similarly, HURIWA has applauded the decision of the government through the Armed Forces to launch massive manhunt of the terrorists hibernating and unleashing devastating violence and destruction on the North West of Nigeria.

HURIWA has however urged President Muhammadu Buhari to categorically declare the armed Fulani militia in the North West as terrorists so the military can upgrade their attacks against them.

HURIWA has called for the investigation of the reported attacks by the terrorists in Zamfara State of a military base which reportedly  left at least a dozen security personnel dead.

The Rights said the  confirmation  that at least 12 personnel were killed while three were wounded in the attack on Forward Operating Base in Mutumji, Dansadau Local Government of Zamfara State, is a further justification of HURIWA consistent Advocacy for the classification by President Muhammadu Buhari of the armed terrorists as TERRORISTS so the right kind of massive scale of persistent military bombardments can be sustained on these flashpoints to take out the terrorists who had earlier shot down a military jet in Zamfara State.

The Rights group stated that the best way to achieve holistic results from the heightened offensive by security forces against bandits in the North-west region of Nigeria is for the President to declare them as terrorists and go after them as such just as the Rights group commended the Military for the reports in a section of a credible media outlet that scores of bandits were reportedly killed and many arrested in several operations which necessitated the shutdown of telephone networks in Zamfara and some parts of neighbouring Katsina State.

HURIWA said however that President Muhammadu Buhari  should not hesitate to declare the armed militia as terrorists given that the latest attack on the military base, according to sources, left a casualty of nine Air Force, two police and one Nigerian Army personnel.

HURIWA has similarly commended the Federal Government for the decision to charge to court 400 sponsors of boko haram terrorists just as the Rights group promised that credible organisations such as HURIWA will monitor the judicial process to ensure that it does not turn out like the MORE YOU LOOK THE LESS YOU SEE.


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