Kaduna Bombing By Military Was Deliberate – Gumi


Controversial Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has said that the drone strike which killed over 120 Muslim worshippers celebrating Maulud in Tudun Biri of Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State, is not a mistake.

Delivering his weekly lecture at the Sultan Bello Mosque, Kaduna,Gumi averred that it is wrong to target women and children, including the elderly during any war.

He also stated that if the first bomb dropped on the people was a mistake as claimed, what about the second bomb that targeted those evacuating the bodies 30 minutes after as claimed by the villagers.

Gumi further added that it was God that exposed some of the atrocities committed by the military in the forest as he has been calling on the people that innocent villagers are victims of the security bombardments in the forest but nobody listened.

He said; “I kept telling you not to invite people who see war as a solution but people refused to listen. Here it’s now. War is never a joke because it affects everybody. I warned you on this but you keep saying they should be killed.

“It’s you that will be killed. That bomb was meant to target the families of some people so as to kill their children and wives. I have been to a village where women and children were massacred in a remote forest.

“Many people have been bombed. Nobody said anything until it came nearer to the city. I have been saying that whatever is between us, whether it is bandits or Boko Haram, there should be peaceful negotiation.”


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