I Use My Music To Inspire Because Everything About Me Is Music – UK-Based Nigerian, Larry King

Larry King is one of the few Nigerian music Artiste making exploits in the diaspora. In this interview with the Publisher / Lead Partner of lagoscityreporters.com, Emeka Monye, the uk-based singer shares his experience with the online publisher, his foray in the entertainment world, excerpt…
let’s get to meet you,  tell us more about your history. background, your academic qualifications. 
Am a Nigerian; Born in India, grew up in Ibadan, mixture of Ibadan and Ijesa tribe
Finished  secondary school in Nigeria. Came to UK in the 1990s. I went to college in the UK. Went to University of East London and Attained  BSC in IT  later went back to London South Bank University. Attained my BSC in Sport and Exercise Science.
My music career started from church. From then became a part of juju band Mr Manna  (my boss /brother Israel Ekundayo) for many years as back up singer for many years.
Tell us more about your music  and other details we need to know about it? 
I sing juju and gospel music which is known as juju gospel.
What informed your decision to go into music? 
Everything about me is music, whenever I sing people approach me and tell me how happy they feel  so it what I love to do.
What’s the genre of music you play  and who are your target audience? 
I sing juju gospel and my target audience are youth, young and elderly Nigerian mainly “Yoruba”.
How long have you been singing?
I’ve being singing for over 20 years but I started my band 14-15 years ago.
What has been the marketing like?  where can people get you?
YouTube, Facebook
What was it like starting, I mean, did you get the support of your friends and family members in the course of  your music career? 
Yes I got support from friends and family member which really help me build fan base.
What are your social media handles? 
 *Facebook* : Larry king
 *Instagram: @Larryking1
Are you in partnership with anyone? 
Do you have plans to go into strategic partnership with other music artiste?
Yes which I’ve already stated I’ve done one with Blackman “baba Hakeen Karim “
And finally, what is it that you will be offering that will be distinct from others?  
I blend music to satisfy all age group changing the image of African music positively.
Customer care  etc


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