I Really Don’t See The Need For All The Fuss About The Suspension Of Twitter, By Illiyasu Gadu

It is big tech company based in San Francisco, California. It has no registered office in Nigeria, and does not pay taxes of any kind to Nigeria. Neither does it employ Nigerians.
Twitter is not an entity in Nigeria and so cannot Sue or be sued in Nigeria. As far as Nigeria is concerned it does not exist as a business or commercial concern.
Yet it has some 4O million subscribers in Nigeria from which it takes in huge money unchallenged. Same Twitter however allows itself to be used as platform to cause disaffection in Nigeria from where it makes so much money.
All those talking about restricting freedom of expression because of the suspension of Twitter do not just get it. It does not exist here in Nigeria. And having or not having Twitter in your country cannot be the standard measure of freedom of expression. There are hundreds of media outfits operating in Nigeria whose freedom to operate are not hindered in anyway. There are also foreign big tech companies like Facebook, Google, DStv etc still operating in Nigeria unhindered. They unlike Twitter have registered here and pay taxes and other things here in Nigeria.
There are two freedoms in clash here. Twitter’s freedom to operate in Nigeria without any legal presence and under it’s own rules on one hand. And the other is the freedom and legal obligation of Nigerian Government like any sovereign to make laws for the well being of the country. When the two freedoms clash the Nigerian will supercede any other. Twitter cannot in any way be equated with a local government not to talk of a country like Nigeria. It’s existence as a legal entity is not neither recognised to registered in Nigeria. So for Nigeria to have even allowed it to operate here unhindered is very magnanimous.
And as to the question of whether the suspension was at the instance of PMB that is trite. PMB is our president good or bad. He is our address post for all our problems and issues. But Jack Dorsey of Twitter is not. I don’t know him from a can of paint. As he is not even present in Nigeria I don’t relate to him. Mark Zuckerberg on the other hand came here and ate jollof rice with our folks. He visited Ikeja computer village and set up office here. I can relate with him. If Nigeria decides to suspend him today we can protest. But Dorsey and his Twitter are not here.
And the Western countries led by US singing sanctimonious tunes about suspension of Twitter here should take a hike. They should grow a pair with their hypocrisy. America denied Huawei presence in it’s tech sector on security grounds. So what’s wrong with us taking the same stance on a company that makes money out of us and at the same time sponsoring destabilization against our country. No mas, de nada. We should be wary when they begin to hang up like that. That is how they ganged up under pretext to invade Iraq, Libya and Syria. Now these countries are in ruins, utterly destroyed. They are working on a template of similar destruction of Nigeria. And Twitter is one of the instruments they are using to achieve this. That is why they are not happy at the action taken by the Nigerian government to nip that in the bud.


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