I Am Afraid For My Life, Government Agents After Me – Nigerian Activist, Raises Alarm

Nigerian activist, Aina Mary Abiodun, has raised an alarm by some suspected agents who have been threatening her life and that of her immediate family. In this interview with lagoscityreporters.com, she alleges that these faceless agents have used various ways to get to her because of hard-line stand on some anti-people policies by the government. Excerpts….
Let’s get to meet you
My name is Aina Mary Abiodun
You have been a vocal voice and a champion for equity, justice in the Nigeria system, tell us what are those injustices that you see, you are not happy about? 
I strongly believe in justice, fairness and equity. Which is something that is lacking in Nigeria and the Nigerian govt.
This nation is blessed with  so many natural  resources, including human resources. Yet, the people are living in abject poverty. This same people are being exploited, arrested, kidnapped, raped, tortured, killed with such impunity by the same people that swore an oath to protect and provide for them.
How would you rate this Buhari administration? 
I was among those chanting for change when President Muhammad Buhari was campaigning for the office of President. This was because, like so many people, we thought he was the messiah that would bring about the change Nigerians needed, but behold, he turned out to even worse than his predecessors.
Nigerians have never had any president that cared less about his citizens like him (Buhari) the man lacks empathy. He turns out to be a hardcore tribalist.  Cares less about the economy and yet keeps borrowing money. The man simply adores his cows over human lives, educational system absolutely, zero etc.
Buhari’s govt is the worst ever since the return of democracy, which by way, is definitely not for the people
You are being monitored. you are one of those whose lives are being threatened, are you worried about it? 
Certainly! I am afraid not only for my life , but also for the lives of my loved ones. Someone once told me that I have 9 lives. But I always say if not for the Lord that’s been on my side. I would not be here.
To what extent are you worried ? 
I am worried to the extent that I know this country is no longer a safe haven for me.
Have there been threats to your live and that of your family? 
Oh yes! Severally
Who are those threatening you? Are you suspicious of any one or group? 
The one I know for certain are some members of the Police force.  My husband and I narrowly escaped being shot , so yes I am worried.
Why are you so concerned about people, especially the less privilege living in Nigeria ? 
It’s the human nature in me to stand against injustice. It hurts me to my bone marrow  and  breaks my heart to see so many people can not afford one square meal a day. Poor Keep getting poorer. They’re killed, kidnapped, exploited by same people that swore allegiance to protect them
Do you see yourself safe in the country ?
Definitely, I don’t feel safe
What happens if you die in the struggle ? 
A lot of people have died in the struggle. Some are in jail, some have gone into hiding. I can only tell you that it’s nothing short of a miracle that I am still  here. Which is why in every possible way I will not stop speaking the truth.
In life you must stand for something, else you fall for everything. Either way, posterity is watching.


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