How My Senior Colleague Raped Me – Nurse Alleges


31-YEAR-OLD nurse of a medical centre in Kitwe has opened up on how her senior workmate allegedly raped her from behind while on duty.

She narrated before Magistrate Chongo Musonda that her workmate grabbed her hand and twisted it before raping her from behind.

The nurse testified against Mathews Fwalanga 50 of Kalulushi who is charged with rape.
Fwalanga is alleged to have had sex with the victim without her consent on November 27, last year.

When the matter came up for commencement of trial, the nurse said when she reported for work for her night duty shift, she found Fwalanga who informed her that he wanted to spend an hour studying as he was preparing for his examinations the following day.
She told the court that she informed Fwalanga that there was no power and the inventor which was available would not sustain lights, but that he insisted he would only study for an hour.

She said Fwalanga was allowed to study after he insisted and he proceeded to one of the rooms while she waited for him at the lounge.

The court heard that between 18:00 and 19:00 hours, the nurse decided to go outside to look for the security guard who she only identified as Jasper so that she could send him to buy her some food.

She did not find Jasper outside and she went back to Mr Fwalanga to ask if he had his phone number so that she could call him.

She said Fwalanga offered her his phone to call Jasper who did not pick up the call, but she later proceeded to look for him again but could not find him.

The court further heard that she went back to her earlier spot and sat, shortly Fwalanga informed her that he was also hungry and tried to call the Jasper again and this time he picked up the phone and said he was in town.

She asked Jasper if he could get her some food and that she could reimburse the money, but he responded that he had no money.
The nurse said she went to hand back the hand-set to Fwalanga but he stood up, grabbed her hand and twisted it before having sex with her from the back.

“He later he pulled down my trousers before I could realize it, he had penetrated me. I kept shouting ordering him to stop what he wanted to do to me. I cried and went out, packed all my belongings. I was powerless as the whole ordeal happened suddenly, “she said.
She said while in the ward, she sent him a message asking if she could go home as she could not continue working but that Fwalanga asked what explanation she could give especially that she was on duty.

“Fwalanga then came to the room where I was and apologized and asked me what I wanted to eat. I went outside started moving around the clinic while crying wondering whether I should go home or call someone, “she said.
The court heard that later caretaker at the clinic only identified as Felix found her and asked why she was crying but could not tell him and claimed she had abdominal pains and all she wanted was to go home.

“After Felix went inside the hospital, later Mr Fwalanga came with the phone and informed me that the sister-in-charge wanted to speak to me.

“The sister in charge had been informed that I was not feeling well as I had abdominal pains and asked if I could be given painkillers, but I didn’t respond nicely. She asked me to move away from the people I was with.

“I told her Mr Fwalanga had done something bad to me and later she came. I informed her what happened then she called the owner of the medical centre who came and that’s how the matter was then reported to the police,” she said.
Credit: The Sun Newspaper


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