How I Discovered Abba Kyari – Ex AIG Abubakar Manko Narrates

When I reported as a Commissioner of Police in Lagos, I made it a point of duty to always move around to assess situations.
At the Anti-Robbery section, I discovered that a lot was happening that I didn’t like.
I had one-on-one talks with all the officers there and I made up my mind to immediately reorganize.
Kyari was the second-in-command of the section then, and was the quite type, but after we interacted, I was wowed with his high level of intelligence.
Then I said to myself, ‘this is the new OC of the Anti-Robbery section’.
Some of the officers said he is too quiet, but I know a good officer when I see one. I knew he’d go places.
And when he assumed command, he turned things around and we started getting results. It even came to a time when armed robbers were afraid to come and operate in Lagos, and those based there relocated entirely. It was due to the purposeful leadership of that young man that Lagos, at that time, was rid of criminals.


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