Fury To Joshua: “I Am Too Strong For You”


Tyson Fury believes he’s bigger, stronger, and tougher than Anthony Joshua, and he sees everything in his favor when they meet in June for their heavyweight unification fight.

Fury’s recent knockout of Deontay Wilder earlier last year seems to have given him the belief that he’s KO artist of the first order.

That was a fight in which Wilder was hit in the back of the head by a right-hand from Fury in round three, from which never seemed to recover.

Interestingly, Fury hasn’t put things in perspective to see the larger picture of what happened that night.

Few boxing fans would agree with Fury’s claim of being a bigger and stronger fighter than Joshua (24-1, 22 KOs) because of the facts to back up that claim.

Joshua not only appears to hit harder, but his 88% KO rate is far superior to Fury’s 67.74% KO percentage.

“Just like I did with Wilder. They said I was going to box and move, and what did I do? Straight at him, bombs all the way through until he got stopped,” said Fury to Gareth A Davies.

“No, because like I said, I’ve got a bigger heart, tougher, mentally stronger, a bigger man completely, punch harder. Everything is in my favor,” said Fury when asked if he might be making a mistake to go straight after Joshua rather than boxing him.

“When I take it to him, they can’t deal with me. It’s like wrestling with a T-Rex. They can’t win. I’m indestructible, unbeatable. I can’t be beat. If I’m injury-free and active, there’s no losing. I can’t lose,” said Fury.




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