Frequent Kidnapping: My Suspicions, By Olawale Olaleye

    The current situation in the north is a desperate one. The rate of kidnapping in almost all school categories is becoming suspect. I see beyond the regular crime. It’s beginning to look like a ring of syndicates with strong insider accomplices.
    With the state of things in the north, I do not understand why schools should entertain physical attendance.
    Since the governments, both at the state and the federal levels, have exposed their helplessness, one would have thought that the government, parents and the school authorities should have engaged on the way forward.
    I was appalled to learn recently that some lecturers in some higher institutions in Kaduna to be precise, have made attendance mandatory. Can you imagine that? Who does that, without factoring the safety of the students? These are desperate times and desperate approaches are expedient.
    It’s hard to convince me, at this point, that this is just an occurrence without the knowings of some people in the schools. The kind of money regularly being raked in by these criminals is attractive enough to get as many people as possible on board the lucrative crime.
    It’s, therefore, common sense that given the state of security in the north, physical schooling cannot be fashionable anymore, especially, for those in the outskirts. At least, for now. To do otherwise raises legitimate suspicion.
    But, to think no strategic thinking is being mulled from this side except to continually put the students/kids in harm’s way and doing nothing, says a lot about everyone on this side.
    For the parents, it’s hard to tell also how they reason. Which is more important: the life or education of their kids? Only the living goes to school. Success is not a desire for the dead.
    If the helpless government and school authority aren’t considering better and suitable options for the time, can’t the parents keep their children at home pending when there’ll be a semblance of security and safety in and around the schools?
    I have my reservations now about the whole mess. It’s just stupid and untidy!


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