Former Niger Delta Warlords Issue 7-Day Ultimatum To Oil Companies For Unsettled Stipends


Former warlords from the Niger Delta region have recently issued a stern 7-day ultimatum to all multinational oil companies operating in the area.

We gathered that the former warlords are demanding the immediate settlement of all outstanding stipends and entitlements owed to them.

Under the leadership of “General” London Diatacheko, known as Odogu D Dollar, the ex-agitators, collectively known as the Black Waterway Boys, specifically directed their ultimatum at multinational oil companies active in the region, particularly in Delta State.

Speaking on behalf of the Black Waterway Boys, spokesperson “General” Abra emphasized the urgency of settling all outstanding stipends within the stipulated seven-day timeframe.

The directive, according to him, aimed at acknowledging the former agitators for their past surveillance duties.

General London Diatacheko, providing a historical context to their struggle, highlighted the exploitation and abuse suffered by the indigenous owners of crude oil before 2013.

He drew attention to a significant turning point when the Avengers sounded a similar alarm, resulting in the loss of billions of barrels, extensive damage to land and waterways, and a detrimental impact on the economic well-being of the indigenous people.

Expressing concern over the growing frustration among the local population, Diatacheko lamented, “We, the indigenous survivors, have become poorer despite the abundant crude oil exported from our land daily.

Adding a note of urgency, he stated, “We, the boys, are angry. That is why we are demanding the return of our jobs or the properties in question. If they fail to comply, there will be an unprecedented and unbelievable attack if our ultimatum is not heeded.

Diatacheko further urged oil companies and relevant stakeholders to recognise that the Black Waterway Boys advocate for justice, economic development, and a fair share of the resources derived from their land.


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