Food For Thought


It’s an irony that inspite of all the abundant resources that are prevalent in Africa, the living condition of its people fall short of what a standard human ought to have .

We are talking about science and technology in our countries and continent, yet, little is spent on improving the living condition of the peoples of Africa, who have been deprived of the basics things of life.

We are investing in weapons and talking about Highways, Bishops and Churches are having big investments, driving big cars and nobody is talking about the less privileged. 

Governments are talking about building railways, and big ” fish” talking about mansions and plots in prime places in the cities. We are blindfolded by selfishness.  Nobody is thinking about orphans and widows, nobody is speaking about Street Children for them to have a place to call home.

We can serve God better by remembering such people than big offerings, Big preaching, big singing and flashy cars in our churches . God is not pleased with what we are giving priority in our lives than remembering the less fortunate in our midst. 

We are pleasing our pastors and other close friends than touching these less fortunate in our communities, pride has taken over the place of mercy in our hearts and has folded our eyes from seeing the truth.


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