Children’s Day Celebration ( FAQ )
What is the event all about?
It is a social and educational event that will bring private school pupils together   for social interaction
Whom is this event targeted at?
It is meant for pupils in private Nursery, Primary and Junior Secondary Schools, within the age bracket of 4-14 years.
Who are the organizers?
It is being organized by lagoscityreporters.com. It is a web-based news, entertainment and online radio portal established to deliver cutting edge, incisive and knowledge-driven journalism practice
When is the event holding?
May 27th 2017
Where is the venue?
Rowe Park, Yaba, Lagos
How much is the participating fee?
Each pupil is to pay the sum of three thousand naira only
Will schools pay the participating / registration fees?
No. participating fees are limited to the pupils alone
Will participating teachers pay?
What are the benefits of participating?
Each pupil will be given Goodie Bags with contents such as noodles, branded T-shirts, pens,among others. All participating schools will be listed on our SME directory for free for the next one year and one minute advert 5 free slots on our online radio
Will there be media presence?
Yes. Media exposure will include Silverbird Television, Rhythm FM, Channels TV, TVC, AIT, online media, newspapers etc
Will there be security?
Yes. Security will be provided by the police and other private security bodies
When is the deadline for submission of registration form?
The deadline is April 30th
Can a school submit multiple registration form?
Can a school submit the registration form without completing it?
No. All fields must be filled before submission.  Fields such as participating students, participating teachers and payment details must be filled before submission to aid planning and security.
Is there a minimum number of participating students?
Yes. The minimum number of students per school is 5; however, there is no maximum limit
How many hours will the event last?
Four hours
What will be the dress code?
School Uniform
What will the event feature?
There will be lots of fun such as dance, comedy, music, quiz contest among others
Are there prizes to be won?
Yes. Pupils who participate in the quiz contest will win cash prizes. Winners of First, Second and Third positions will go home with 50,000; 30,000 and 20,000 cash prizes respectively. The winning school will go home with a complete set of desktop computer.
Can registration form be filled besides the online one?
Yes. Participating schools can fill the hard copy or download and print the online version
Can individual students fill the registration form?
No. Registration form can only be filled by schools on behalf of their students, which is filling the space where there is “Participating Students’
Can registration Form be submitted before payment?
No. Forms can only be submitted only after payment has been made or together with the payment. And this must be done on or before 30th April.