Exclusive: Ife Traditional Cult Cleans Naomi’s Aura From Ife Palace 

    …She may not return to ife as Ooni’s wife again – Factcheckers
    As the digital space is filled and streaming with the perpetual news of the ‘ return of the prodigal wife’ of the Ooni of Ife Silekunola Naomi into the aristocratic palace of her husband, Factchecker in its tradition of sieving
    the grains from the stones has diligently gone to work at unveiling the veracity of the news.
    As of the time of filing this report, Factchecker uncovered that a traditional cleansing off Naomi’s  steps and aura from the Ooni of Ife palace and vicinity has been spiritually carried out
    Thus sealing and killing the hope of  Naomi’s returning to the palace as the Queen of Ife.
    The traditional rites of cleaning involved washing off all her footprint and sucking out her voice notes from the atmosphere of the palace which  has been spiritually carried out in the cosy Ooni palace
    The consequence of this rite is to ensure that Naomi’s flame will never rise or ever spiral in Ife Royalty either in this world and the world to come
    The bare fact is that Naomi’s masquerade will never showcase or rare its head as the Queen of Ooni of Ife but just the mother of Ooni Ife’s Prince mother
    Fact checkers however is gored   by the insensitivity of Moses Olafare Ooni’s  Director of Media, who has refused to engage the media but rather keeping mum or burying his head like an ostrich while a lady of no consequence is trying to dent the image of the Aarole Oduduwa
    It is also shocking at the  ingenuity of some Nigerians at fabricating and packing lines for the public consumption
    In our tradition and pedigree of not joining the multitude in spreading lies and bogus falsehood do we want the public to know that all the assumptions, propositions about the settlement, arbitration and conciliation being spread about on social media are  just figments of imaginations and products of daydreams by busybodies
    It is also shameful and lamentable that hitherto trusted traditional media organisations particular the Punch Newspaper have joined the stream of discredited and a penny for lie media organ
    Fact-checkers independent investigation revealed that there was never a time any Ife Chiefs or any palace emissary went to Akure to join in an imaginary reconciliation move
    Thus all the news items relating to Naomi’s returning to Ife as the Queen of His Imperial Majesty , Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II are nothing but dark lies and contraption of falsehood from the bottom hell of dark imagination
    ‘ She has renounced being a Queen of the highest order in Yorubaland. Thus she shall be till heaven come ‘ revealed our source.


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